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Baby otter plays with walrus and his brother

Man in the mirror gives Ruud Gullit the giggles


And he was there from the very beginning.

Ross Noble helps out with the weather report

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Man shoots neighbour's dog dead for urinating on his grill

Charges could be filed in a feud between two Bartholomew County, Ind. neighbours that prompted one man to shoot and kill another man's dog. On Friday afternoon, Josh Jackson of Waymansville was surprised to find his dog, Caesar, under his porch. "I heard a weird noise under the porch, some weird breathing," he said. Caesar was dying from a gunshot wound.

"And as I'm dragging him out, I hear from across the yard, 'You've had two warnings, that's what you get,’” Jackson said. Neighbour Rick May was the self-confessed shooter. The dog had been in his yard again. May had called animal control before. "I'm still working on Plan A," May told authorities. "But Plan B is to shoot it. And he said, ‘You have the right to do that.’” May said the dog growled at him and urinated on his grill and in his garage.

But Indiana Law says the situation could be handled the way May did. This is how Indiana Criminal Code 35-46-3-12 reads: A person who knowingly or intentionally kills a domestic animal without the consent of the owner of the domestic animal commits killing a domestic animal, a Class D felony. It is a defense to a prosecution under this section that the accused person: reasonably believes the conduct was necessary to: prevent injury to the accused person or another person (or); protect the property of the accused person from destruction or substantial damage.

Now Jackson has put up a message of his own: A large sign, 8-feet-by-8-feet, in his front yard that reads, "The neighbour to my north shot and killed my dog for peeing on his property." There still may be some charges filed in this case. Deputies will take their findings to the prosecutor's office for a decision on that.

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Woman fined for dying poodle's paws pink

A Florida woman says she's been fined $255 because of her dog's Halloween costume. Christine Hill says she decided to dye her poodle's tail and feet pink in honour of the holiday. But when an animal control officer saw the dog, Hill got a ticket for breaking a state law.

Christine hill says for fun, on Halloween, she dyed her poodle's paw's pink and the tip of her tail. Christine says, "It goes on like shampoo and you rinse it off like shampoo." She bought the bottle of dye online and paid about $15 for it. The website says it's specifically for dogs and you can get in any color. Christine says it always gets people's attention. She says, "Everyone thinks it's cute."

But it got the attention of an animal control officer who just happened to be driving by. Christine says, "She told me it was against the law." Christine was in this field across from her house when the officer stopped her. And the officer gave her a ticket for $255. And it says that she's in violation for artificially colouring her animal.

Christine says, "I mean, people put clothes on their dogs and t-shirts and you don't think twice because you're not harming the dog." There's not only a city ordinance, but also a state ordinance that prohibits people from colouring their pets' fur. Christine says, "I think they should be looking over real animal cruelty than this. This is not real animal cruelty."

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Burger King customer gets ‘F**k You’ receipt

Several workers at a Sacramento Burger King have been fired for leaving less than polite messages on customer's receipts. After spending $9.22 on a double Whopper with cheese, onion rings and a small drink at the Arden Way Burger King earlier this week, customer Francisco Perez looked down at his receipt and saw the words "f--- you" on it - not once, but twice.

“All I did was place my order and got a ‘f-you’ burger,” said Perez. "Actually, I am embarrassed. It's humiliating. So, I showed the guy and he just kind of laughed. There was no 'Sorry, we'll fix it.'" Perez said he did nothing to provoke the workers and that the firings are justified. “It just goes to show you don't play around with somebody's business,” said Perez.

Customers at the Burger King were split about whether the workers' punishment fits the crime. “Just a little time off to think about what he did,” customer Rikki Montoya suggested as possible discipline for the incident. “Probably not fired, because I'm sure he's never going to do it again.”

“I think they should lose their jobs,” said customer Emi Watanabe. “I really do. Anybody that writes something like that doesn't deserve to work here.” Perez said the company called late on Wednesday to offer vouchers for free food. He told the Burger King representative ‘no thanks.’ Perez said he plans to never eat at a Burger King again and that he's thinking about filing a lawsuit.

Couple let public decide on whether they abort unborn child

A married couple have sparked outrage by setting up a website to let the public vote on whether they should have an abortion.

Pete and Alisha Arnold, both 30, launched because they are unsure if they want to be parents. They launched the X Factor-style vote so the public can ”make a difference in the real world”.

The couple, of Minneapolis, USA, are uploading regular scan images of the foetus, which is a perfectly-healthy boy they have nicknamed ‘Wiggles’.

Alisha is now 17 weeks pregnant and web users have until December 7 to cast their vote – just two days before the 20-week cut-off line for a state-legal abortion. The latest results shows a fairly split opinion.

New penis for statue in Silvio Berlusconi's office

Silvio Berlusconi's enthusiasm for cosmetic surgery is well documented, but it was not previously known to extend to either genitalia or classical sculpture. Government officials confirmed yesterday, however, that a valuable statue of the god Mars, on loan to the prime minister's office, had been fitted with an artificial penis. The original was chipped off at some stage in its long life, beginning in AD175.

La Repubblica said the transplant was carried out at Berlusconi's "express request" and that, along with a new hand for an accompanying statue of the goddess Venus, it had cost the Italian taxpayer €70,000 (£60,000). But Mario Catalano, the prime minister's architect, said: "I took the decision."

He said he had agreed the operation with the heritage ministry and that it had "not cost a lira" because it was carried out by restorers employed by the government. "There are two philosophies of restoration," he said. "One is just to clean the work and leave it as it is. The other involves making the work whole again, without damaging it, to provide an image of the work as it was originally conceived."

He said the missing part had been attached to the original with a magnetic system, but was unable to say exactly how it worked. Both the hand and the prosthetic penis were removable. The prime minister had approved the finished work and had the statue put in a prominent position at the entrance to his official residence in Rome, Palazzo Chigi.

Argentinian legislator punches colleague during budget argument

An argument over the Argentinian budget turned physical when a legislator punched her fellow lawmaker in the mouth. Taking the phrase "bare-knuckle politics" to heart, Graciela Camano's vicious slap on Carlos Kunkel was broadcast live on two television news channels.

The exchange started when Ms Camano got out of her chair to confront Mr Kunkel during a session of the Upper House's constitutional affairs commission. After a brief conversation, Mr Kunkel gestured with his arms and Ms Camano retaliated by hitting him before leaving the chamber.

"Under no circumstances will I allow Kunkel or anyone else to lack respect," Ms Camano said. "He wore me out because I have been putting up with him all year long. He kept shouting without making a single proposal."

She declined to reveal what Mr Kunkel had said to her, but added: "He is always attacking me." Mr Kunkel has not commented on the incident but under congressional rules, he can file a complaint that could lead to possible sanctions against Ms Camano.

Dog swims 4km in pursuit of Henry the sea lion

A very determined dog had to be rescued by lifesavers 4km off-shore at Semaphore Park, south Australia, after surviving an hour in the water chasing local icon Henry the sea lion. The dog, called Westie, was walking with his owner along the beach last Thursday morning when he dashed off into the water after Henry and refused to come back. Soon the pair were lost from sight over the horizon as 300kg Henry led the dog further and further out to sea, leaving Westie’s owner, who gave his name to lifesavers as Leroy, frantic on the beach. Leroy called the police, who in turn alerted Surf Life Saving SA state duty officer John Charles, who happens to be an Esplanade resident, and he called in the Semaphore Surf Life Saving Club.

Club captain Craig Van Tenac and vice captain Matthew Cole then raced to the rescue. “We were called out at 9.45am and had the boat on the water by 10am,” Van Tenac said. “We just kept following our search pattern and ... Matthew eventually spotted him. I’d say it was 4km offshore - that dog swam forever. The dog was still chasing the sea lion,” Van Tenac said. “All up we reckon they were out there for 45-60 minutes. Most dogs will fall down after six or seven minutes of swimming, so it’s pretty amazing it stayed in for 60 minutes.”

Westie was rubbing his nose against Henry who was rolling around playfully in the water, he said. Despite the dog’s stamina, Van Tenac doubted Westie, who he thought was a kelpie, would have made it back to shore. He said the dog’s owner was much relieved to have him back safely. “He said ‘thank you, boys’ and he was definitely going to get his young daughter down to the surf club to sign up.”

Esplanade resident Val Wales said Henry was most commonly sighted at Glenelg but often ventured up the coast and lazed on the Semaphore breakwater. Mrs Wales, who watched the whole episode from her balcony, said the sea lion had the better of the dog and was “teaching him a lesson” by leading him out to sea. “I think Henry was the smarter one in this case,” she said. “They were way over the horizon.”

Reggae ringtone sparks tribal violence in Papua

Dozens of homes and motorcycles were burned and three people suffered serious wounds on Wednesday following tribal violence in the city of Jayapura. Hundreds of residents of the Wamena tribe attacked the neighbouring Yoka tribe on Wednesday morning, burning 23 homes, 12 motorcycles and two cars, with another 56 homes damaged during the violence, according to the local administration.

The weapons that caused the serious injuries were identified as a bow, an axe and an air rifle. As hundreds of members of the Wamena tribe descended from the mountains in a fury on Wednesday morning, those in the Yoka tribe could only attempt to save themselves. Police arrived shortly after the attacks occurred, and fired warning shots into the air. The shots brought an end to the violence.

The attack was triggered by an offensive ringtone circulating among the Yoka tribe that allegedly contained insulting lyrics directed at the Wamena tribe, playing to a reggae beat. Residents of Wamena decided that they would not tolerate the insults, and therefore made plans to attack the Yoka tribe at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

“Hundreds of them could no longer accept it. They felt it was an insult to their dignity,” Jayapura Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Imam Setiawan said, adding that the man who created the ringtone and sang the lyrics to the reggae beat has already been detained in police custody for questioning. Imam Setiawan confirmed that the major cause of the attack was the offensive ringtone created by the locals of the Yoka tribe. “No fatalities were caused as a result of this incident. But we need to check which tribe the three injured victims belong to.”

New Zealand man 'shared bed with dead girlfriend'

After killing his Thai sex-worker girlfriend, a New Zealand man slept next to her body, a court has heard. Giving evidence at his trial in the High Court at Auckland for murder, Gordon Hieatt, 48, said he strangled Nuttidar Vaikaew, also 48, with a slipknot after they had an argument in April last year. After she was dead, Hieatt washed her with a cloth before spending the night in bed with her body, the court was told yesterday. He denied touching her in a sexual way.

Hieatt spent most of the next month living with her rotting corpse in a curtained off corner of the lounge room of his North Island apartment, reading jokes to cheer himself up, Crown prosecutor Rachel Reed told the court earlier this month. Ms Vaikaew's landlord contacted police because he noticed a foul smell emanating from the apartment when he stopped by to collect overdue rent.

When police went to investigate in May they found an electric fan pointed at the corpse to try to minimise the stench. Ms Reed said Hieatt's computer records showed he engaged in online chats with a sex worker in Thailand while in the apartment. He also took four brief trips to Wellington, where he visited a prostitute.

Prosecutor David Johnstone said Hieatt made a conscious decision to kill Ms Vaikaew after he punched her and became worried she would contact the police. Hieatt responded yesterday: "I didn't want to kill her, it's not what I wanted to do." The trial continues.

Man banned from tattooing Rolling Stones logo on to pony

Tattooing a pony with the Rolling Stones famous "tongue" logo would infringe animal rights law, a German court ruled on Wednesday.

The court in Muenster, northwestern Germany, found against the white pony's owner, who wanted to tattoo the animal's right hind thigh to make it "more uniquely beautiful." He had already shaved a large portion of hair from the animal and pre-tattooed the outline of the tongue, 15 square centimetres (six square inches) in area.

"The tattooing of a warm-blooded vertebrate contravenes animal protection laws," the court said. "This forbids causing an animal pain without reason." In addition, the court took into account the inability of the animal to understand why it was being tattooed.

Moreover, the court said the owner's desire to "beautify" the pony masked a more commercial purpose. "He wanted to make money from a 'tattoo service for animals'," the court said.

Naked sleepwalker “exhilarated and vindicated” by €10m award

A businessman has been awarded 10m euro damages - the highest libel award in the history of the Irish state - after an incident in which he sleep-walked naked. Donal Kinsella, 67, from Dunleer, County Louth, took the case against his former employer, Kenmare Resources. The company published a press release insinuating he made inappropriate advances to a colleague in Africa. Mr Kinsella had appeared naked at her bedroom door three times. The incident happened at a meeting in Mozambique in 2007. The court heard that he had been drinking, taking painkillers and had a habit of sleep-walking and not wearing pyjamas.

The company issued a press release in July 2007 which, the court agreed, defamed Mr Kinsella. He sued the company and its chairman, Charles Carvill, who is based in Well Road, Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland, The press release said he was being asked to resign from the company's audit committee and referred to an "incident". An investigation by an independent solicitor on behalf of the company had found there was no conscious attempt on Mr Kinsella's part to enter the woman's room and no improper motive in opening her door. Mr Kinsella was merely sleep-walking.

But lawyers for Mr Kinsella told the jury that the press release would mean to an ordinary person that "something juicy" was going on in the jungle and that Mr Kinsella had tried to "jump the company secretary". Lawyers for Mr Kinsella urged the jury to award him big damages, claiming the company had aggravated matters by accusing him of being a liar and a perjurer. Mr Kinsella was awarded 9m euros in damages and 1m euros in aggravated damages. The award is the highest for defamation in the history of the Irish state.

A lawyer for the company said it was "off the Richter scale" and it was inconceivable that it would not be set aside by the Irish Supreme Court. Kenmare Resources issued a statement saying it was "shocked" at the jury's verdict and would "immediately and vigorously appeal the decision". Mr Justice Eamon de Valera granted a stay on the award, pending a Supreme Court appeal, for all but 500,000 euro. Outside the court, Mr Kinsella said he was "exhilarated and vindicated" by the verdict. He had claimed he became an international "laughing stock" as a result of the release.

Mobility scooter drink-driver bannned

A 63-year-old man who was caught drink-driving on a disability scooter has been fined and banned from driving for two years. John MacLean's solicitor told Dingwall Sheriff Court the vehicle was not "designed for hell-raising". MacLean, of Ullapool, admitted drink-driving on various roads in the town.

The court heard that the former council foreman was stopped by police and a roadside test showed that he was almost three times over the limit. MacLean has arthritis and was helped into the dock by a security guard. The court heard that a police officer had wanted to speak to MacLean about another matter and saw him driving the scooter in Ullapool's Seaforth Road to Latheron Lane just after 1700 GMT on 10 November.

On MacLean's return to his home the officer noticed he smelled strongly of alcohol and, with another officer, carried out a breath test. Sheriff Alasdair MacFadyen asked what the scooter's top speed was. MacLean's solicitor David Hingston said: "I would imagine something like 5mph. They are not designed for hell-raising." However, MacLean interjected from the dock: "It goes up to 10mph on the speedo."

Mr Hingston responded: "My Volvo speedometer goes up to 160mph, but that does not mean I travel at top speed." MacLean admitted drink-driving on various roads in Ullapool. Sheriff MacFadyen told him: "You are fined £100, which may be thought to be about one tenth of the normal fine for this sort of reading, but that is because of the nature of the offence. Given the amount of alcohol in your system you are disqualified from driving for two years."

'Stupid' man crashed into ice while driving along frozen canal

A man described as "the only person daft enough" to try to drive his car along a frozen canal has avoided a jail sentence after an escapade in which he almost killed himself, his passenger and his friend's pet dog. Andrew Nisbet thought he could drive his W-reg Peugeot 406 from Philpstoun, West Lothian, along the frozen surface of the Union Canal into Edinburgh on a freezing January afternoon. But less than a mile along, his car crashed through the ice, with Nisbet, his passenger James Naismith, 22, and Naismith's dog nearly drowning in the process.

Nisbet, his passenger and the dog escaped, and the partially-submerged car was later discovered by the emergency services. Firefighters from Central and Lothian and Border fire services had to use special equipment to reach the car and check no one was inside. Nisbet, 25, labelled "mad" by police, "stupid" by his own lawyer, and "possibly insane" by one sheriff was sentenced to 200 hours community service.

He is also being sued for the £16,359 cost of the salvage. Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade is likely to pursue him for a further £5,199. Sheriff Donald Muirhead told Nisbet: "You have been described as stupid in a police report and your own lawyer called you daft. You have shown criminal indifference on what effect your behaviour would have on other people. You just didn't care what effect what you were doing would have on others."

Nisbet, whose escapades included performing handbrake turns on the ice, earlier said he was convinced the ice would take the weight of his car. He said: "Things were just about OK until we got to a bridge and it was not properly frozen underneath. We must have been doing more than 30 miles an hour before we noticed the puddles up ahead. We decided to go for it anyway and the front end just gave way on the ice. It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Dog saved owner from life-threatening asthma attack

A hero dog saved the life of his owner after she had collapsed at her home, by pressing her medical alert alarm button. Ben, a three-year-old fox terrier-chihuahua cross, repeatedly stepped on the button with his paw, after Gina Barratt, 62, was struck down with a severe asthma attack at home and became very ill. Mrs Barratt, of Bideford, Devon, was alone in her home and unable to reach the phone.

Because of her poor health she had an emergency alarm button installed which is monitored at a control centre in Sidmouth. But following the attack she was too weak to untangle it from her clothing. Mrs Barratt said: 'That particular day my alarm button got stuck inside my fleece, but Ben is so wonderful. He knows when I am having an attack and he jumped up and pressed it.'

'Thank goodness I am here to talk about it. When I'm that ill I cannot even get to the phone. I keep wondering what would have happened if I hadn't had the button and Ben there.' The alarm button call was picked up by Tracey Morgan at the Home Safeguard call centre in Sidmouth, which is linked in to the Red Button Tarka Emergency Helpline.

Karen Witney, manager of the Red Button Tarka Emergency Helpline, said: 'It is a very satisfying job and each time I hear a story of how the button has helped someone I am delighted. This really is a fantastic story and I am so pleased that Mrs Barratt is with us to thank Ben and Tracey today.' Mrs Barratt took Ben along to the Home Safeguard call centre in Sidmouth to thank those who had helped her. She added: 'Tracey was a gem and so once I was well enough I wanted to come here in person with Ben and give her my thanks.'