Friday, March 27, 2009

Rabid bobcat attacks 3 inside Arizona bar

The bobcat in an Arizona bar caused a panic on Tuesday night in Cottonwood near Sedona. Three people were hurt and the bobcat was killed.

One patron said, “I was sitting in the back and watched the bobcat run in.”

That bobcat caught patrons off guard, causing some to jump on pool tables and grab pool sticks before pulling their cell phone cameras out for pictures. Another patron explains, “My friend got down with his camera phone and the cat jumped up and hit him in the face.”

Kyle Hicks is now undergoing treatment for rabies. He said the bobcat, “Scratched up my face and pretty good the back of my ears.” Another patron had his leg scratched by the sick wild animal while trying to get out of its way.

Cottonwood Police later shot the bobcat three times and killed it. The animal was then sent to Phoenix for rabies testing.

Elisabeth Lawaczeck, with the Arizona Department of Health Services admits, “We don't know yet what kind of rabies the bobcat was infected with.” Health officials think it may be the fox strain and, according to Lawaczeck, “That means we'll probably see more cases.”

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