Monday, March 23, 2009

Severed foot found on river bank

A severed foot has been discovered on a riverbank in Gloucestershire.

The decomposed foot, which was within a sock and shoe, was discovered by a couple walking along the River Severn on Saturday.

It was found near Odda's Chapel in Deerhurst and inquiries are being made to try and identify the person the body part came from and how they died.

Det Insp Steve Bean said: "The foot is within a dark grey sock and a size nine-and-a-half, in a mid grey, blue suede shoe, with a white rubber sole and a bright blue 'V' logo edged in white on the side.

"We are keeping an open mind about how it came to be in the river and will be carrying out a thorough search of the river and bank at the spot it was found today [Sunday]," he added.

DNA samples of the foot are due to be sent for analysis and detectives plan to contact other police forces to seek information on missing people.

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