Friday, March 26, 2010

Brazilian footballer is blasted with pepper spray by riot police after he refuses to leave the pitch

A footballer who refused to leave the pitch after he was red-carded got more than a fine and suspension after riot police attacked him with pepper spray.

The flash-point happened in a Brazilian football match between lower-league teams Genus and Moto Clube.

Genus player Robson refused to head for an early bath when the ref showed him a red card for a nasty tackle in the 64th minute.

Instead he and four team-mates berated the man in black, who felt so threatened he called on police.

Clad in full riot gear and brandishing shields and batons, four officers at first tried to escort Robson off the pitch. When he resisted they pulled out their pepper-sprays and gave him and the other players a blast in the face.

Unsurprisingly, the referee was forced to suspend the match and the teams have been ordered to play it again at a later date.

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