Friday, August 20, 2010

Animal shelter employee eats rescued pet pig

Following reports that a Bay County Animal Control employee took a pig named “Fluffy” home from the shelter and ate it, the head of the shelter, Jim Crosby, is stepping down.

The county began an investigation in early August, after it learned shelter employee Ivan Rogers had taken a pig home from the shelter in early June, then slaughtered and ate it. Apparently, the Rogers was reprimanded by Crosby, but word of the incident was not passed up the chain of command.

According to Bay County spokeswoman Valerie Lovett, “Mark Bowen, who is Jim Crosby’s supervisor, told Mr. Crosby that he had gathered some information that was leading him to recommend termination. Prior to that recommendation, Mr. Crosby resigned.”

Crosby’s resignation will be effective this Friday, August 20th. Rodgers is expected to face reprimand, but not termination.

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