Friday, August 26, 2011

Fox cub has lovely time sliding down conveyor belt

A disused gravel quarry became a playground for a young fun-loving fox and his family. This photograph, taken by British man Duncan Usher, shows how the clever four-month-old creature turned an old conveyor belt into a make-shift slide, before travelling down it twice.

Mr Usher photographed the amusing sight close to Bursfelde, a hamlet in the German countryside. The 56-year-old, orginally from Allendale, Northumberland, who now lives in Bursfelde, said: 'One morning I arrived at the quarry and saw from a distance two young foxes playing on the conveyor belt.

'One ran back to the top of the conveyor belt and then started to walk back down it, stopped and sat down. After a few seconds it started to slide down the conveyor belt using its front paws to drag it forwards.

'They were attracted to the conveyer belt because it was a playground to them. I have not seen this type of behaviour amongst free living wild animals and I was really surprised and pleased to witness and capture this unusual event.'


Anonymous said...

That fox looks like he/she is having so much enjoyment.

Ratz said...

Though it's a cute image, it could be trying to get rid of worms like dogs do when they scrape their arses along the carpet.

Mike said...

I agree with Ratz, but it's probably glands (which is why dogs do that, not worms)

Anonymous said...