Saturday, November 19, 2011

Teacher barred from class after 'running porn site from school computer'

A special education teacher in Stockton, California, has been placed on administrative leave as officials investigate allegations that she operated porn sites on her school-issued computer.

The teacher, 35-year-old, Heidi Kaeslin, was pulled from the classroom after officials found that several porn sites were registered to domain names connected to Kaeslin's home.

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The Lincoln Unified School District is investigating whether Kaeslin was developing a number of porn sites, including," in conjunction with a retired police officer. The district is looking into claims the teacher used her school-issued Apple laptop to work on the sites.

The officer said he was involved in making the porn sites to earn extra money because he was forced to take early retirement in May. Richard Fields, 51, said that he met Kaeslin when he was the school resources officer at Lincoln High School, where she has been employed since 2002.

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