Friday, April 26, 2013

No plans to remove tyre from around elk's neck

People living in a Morrison, Colorado neighbourhood are concerned about an elk who managed to get a large tyre stuck around her neck.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Jennifer Churchill says wildlife officers have been aware of the situation since April 8, but they are choosing to leave her alone.

"We definitely monitor the animals, but because these are wild animals as well, if we don't intervene, if the animals are still able to do everything they need to we really prefer to let nature take its course," Churchill said. "Generally these things will fall off over time."

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Part of the reason is officers believe the tyre will come off eventually if the elk bends her head down far enough. The other consideration is it appears the elk is pregnant, and tranquilizing her so they can remove the tyre could cause problems. Wildlife officers plan to keep tabs on the situation.

With additional news video.

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