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Pacino the puppy learns how to catch

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Man finds Jesus on paint-splattered dust sheet

A Saugus, Massachusetts, man said he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Jesus Christ on a paint-splattered drop cloth at his home. "My heart went a million miles an hour. I was hyperventilating," said Brian Krantz.

"A crown or a halo. Two eyes. Moustache, nose, there's the chin, jaw line. His right arm out like that with cloths he was buried in hanging down," said Krantz. To Brian Krantz, the image is perfectly clear. "I can't deny this. This is what it is. It looks like Jesus Christ," he said.

Krantz used the sheet four years ago to spray paint his shutters; he used it 50 or 60 more times before he noticed something for the first time. "I had it folded up like this and I threw it on the floor and this is what I saw first," Krantz said.

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Krantz said it may take time for him to figure out what it means. For now, he and his girlfriend believe it's no coincidence. "I'm not sure why, but everybody needs some hope in life. And I hope that this is something that will give him hope," said Julie Anne Aloise, Krantz's girlfriend. Krantz said he plans to frame the image and keep it in his home.

Sri Lanka refuses entry to British tourist with Buddha tattoo

Sri Lanka has denied entry to a British tourist sporting a Buddha tattoo on his arm because he showed disrespect to Buddhism.

The unnamed Briton was turned back at Bandaranaike Airport on Friday.

"When questioned about the tattoo, he spoke very disrespectfully about Buddhism,"an immigration official said.

"If he expressed such views after entering the country, it would have been a threat to his own safety." An airport official confirmed the report, but declined to give details.

Update: There's an interview wth the tourist, Antony Ratcliffe, 42, from Nottingham, here.

Two-headed lamb born in Ghana

A lamb has been born with two heads at Borborbor, a village in the Western Region of Ghana.

Eyewitness, Bernard Sackitey, said the black and white two-headed lamb was born beside a spare parts and general goods dealer’s shop called Sackious Ventures.

The two-headed lamb has four limbs and one tail like every normal lamb, but has two fully developed heads.

Residents of the area said they do not know the owner of the sheep that delivered the two-headed lamb.

Woman charged after displaying vulgar toilet message

A large piece of porcelain hate mail left outside a Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee, home for a drug investigator and the rest of the world to see bought the writer a trip to jail for disorderly conduct. Patti M. Cole, 48, who is employed at Mt. Pleasant Middle School, was jailed on Wednesday and released on $1,000 bond for allegedly scrawling an obscene message on a broken toilet and leaving it in the front yard of a home she owns. The message was directed at Sgt. Rob Wagonshutz, a member of the Maury County Drug Task who had arrested Cole’s daughter at the Adams Avenue home on March 1. It read, “[Expletive] you, Rob Wagonshutz” on the toilet bowl, and on the tank set on end next to it, “Rob Wagonshutz special place in hell for u and urboys!”

Wagonshutz lives nearby with his wife and three children, including a 9-year-old son who shares his father’s name. In describing the arrest of Cole’s daughter, Allison Michelle Powell, 30, Wagonshutz said he and other drug officers had gone to the house to serve an arrest warrant, knocked on the door, and when Powell didn’t answer, broke it in. “When we entered the house, she was trying to flush drugs down the commode,” Wagonshutz said, adding that Powell was taken to jail after officers took the toilet apart and retrieved the evidence that was stuck deep inside. Powell remains in Maury County jail in lieu of $150,000 bond, charged with possession of meth with intent to sell and promotion of the manufacture of meth.

On Wednesday morning, Wagonshutz was alerted by sheriff’s deputies to the obscene message on the toilet left outside the house. He filed a complaint and investigators learned that Cole was carrying a photo of the toilet. “Apparently Patti Cole had been to the school where she works that morning and had a picture of the toilet on her phone and was showing it to employees and bragging about it,” Wagonshutz said. A report on the incident says an investigator went to the school and spoke to Cole. “She stated she could do that because it was her property,” according to the report. “She also agreed that it shouldn’t be there and stated that she would leave immediately to take it down.”

She did, investigators obtained a warrant for her arrest, and took her into custody. Wagonshutz said that while some might view the incident as an example of free expression, investigators and the district attorney’s office didn’t agree and Cole was charged with disorderly conduct, a Class C misdemeanor punishable by no more than 30 days in jail or a $50 fine. “Since she used the language she did, it took a step beyond freedom of speech and turned it into disorderly conduct because it created a physically offensive condition by an act that serves no legitimate purpose,” he said. “No parents would want their children to have to read that,” he continued. “Had she used different language about me, the sheriff’s department or the drug task force as a whole, it wouldn’t have gotten this far at all.”

Road closed after toads ignore love tunnels

Sadly amorous amphibians have decided to ignore the Powys toad tunnels of love. The two special tunnels were built three years ago to help the toads move in safety from woods to their breeding ground at Llandrindod Wells lake. But Radnorshire Wildlife Trust says they still use the road during mating season, and they risk getting squashed. Now the road will instead close at night for three weeks to allow the toads to migrate. Hundreds of toads cross the road every spring on their way from nearby woods to the lake to spawn. 

For five years before the tunnels were built, the road around the lake used to close at night for about three weeks to help the creatures looking for love. Volunteers would also carry toads, frogs and newts in buckets because many were unable to climb the kerbs. Powys council built the tunnels - believed to cost around £16,000 - under the road to the north east of the lake in a bid to help protect the toads from steep kerbs, cars and predators. A 400m ditch was also constructed along the roadside ditch to help guide the animals underground. But Julian Jones, director of the wildlife trust, said, despite the best intentions, the tunnels had not worked.

"The problem is there's quite a big road round the lake and for a 300m section, the toads are tumbling out of the woods to try to get to the lake, " he said. "In some parts of England, the tunnels can work because the toads all come out of an area of about a metre in width. Powys council did their best to try to funnel the toads to the tunnels with the ditches, but the toads would just get stuck in there. To be honest, I've never seen a toad in the tunnels." The council said it decided to close the road again because the lake is an important nature reserve and it is committed to protecting the toads.

The toad population has declined steeply in the area since 1980, when it was around 10,000. Now it is estimated to be between 3-4,000. Mr Jones said the wildlife trust's "toad patrol" of volunteers would once again be out on the road during the breeding season to help the animals and ensure the number does not drop any further. "I'm pleased to say that over the last few years we have appeared to stop the decline in toad numbers at Llandrindod," he said. "We only have a few species of toad in Wales so it's really important to look after them. When they start disappearing it's a warning bell that something is not right in the environment." The road around the lake will be closed between Saturday, 16 March and 6 April from 20:00 GMT to 06:00 GMT.

Accused drink driver arrived in court so drunk he couldn't find the dock

A drink driver could face a contempt of court charge after turning up to a hearing so drunk he was unable to find the dock. Thomas Murphy was due to be sentenced after admitting driving without a licence or insurance while almost three times the drink drive limit.

But when he appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court he staggered into a glass panel at the side of the dock before eventually finding his way in front of the sheriff. Sheriff Richard Davidson told Murphy that he could smell alcohol from him, despite sitting more than 20ft away. Murphy, 55, of Abernethy Road, Dundee, was taken to the cells with his case recalled later in the day. Kevin Hampton, defending, apologised to the court on behalf of his client.

Sheriff Davidson said: "Not many people in this court can't find the dock. I hear from Mr Hampton that you have an alcohol abuse problem but rarely have I seen anyone in as bad a state as you were this morning. That is not acceptable in a public court." Sentence was deferred on the driving cases and to consider whether a contempt of court has been committed until April 12 with Murphy released on bail in the meantime.

Murphy's drink driving offence took place on February 14. He was caught driving with 101 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, almost three times the legal limit. He was previously jailed in 2003 for drink driving, dangerous driving and driving while disqualified.

Man jailed for burgling house to satisfy underwear fetish

A man who has a sexual fetish for stealing underwear was jailed for two years and ten months after admitting burglary. Allan Bartlett, 39, of  Newport, south Wales, entered the home of Leon Spargo in Newport on August 26 last year, searching for items in the washing-machine and in a washing basket.

But after being disturbed and chased by Mr Spargo, Bartlett ran away from the property, slipping twice as he did so and causing underwear and other various items he had stolen to fall to the floor. Bartlett, who has a number of previous convictions for burglary, appeared via video link at Cardiff Crown Court for sentencing, having pleaded guilty to burglary. He had originally denied the charge but later changed his plea.

Prosecuting, Ieuan Morris said Bartlett has a sexual fetish for stealing underwear and had entered the home at around 5.30am. After opening the washing machine and searching in a basket for items, he ran off when Mr Spargo became aware of movement in the house and heard plates crashing to the floor. Mr Spargo chased Bartlett, who was also carrying a pair of jeans, but was forced to stop the chase after he himself slipped.

After Mr Spargo identified Bartlett, police visited the defendant’s home and found the stolen jeans, which were identified by Mr Spargo. A police search of his home found three plastic bags containing traces of white powder found to be amphetamine sulphate. Representing Bartlett, Nigel Fryer said the defendant had taken up education courses while in custody. Judge Neil Bidder, QC, sentenced Bartlett to two years and 10 months’ imprisonment for burglary and one month’s imprisonment for possession of amphetamine.