Saturday, July 19, 2014

Girl injured by sausage-thieving seagull

A seagull left a young girl covered in blood after snatching a sausage from her mouth. Five-year-old Burgh Kemp was sitting on the the beach at Woolacombe, north Devon, when the bird swooped out of the sky, took off with half of her sausage in its beak, and left her face covered in blood. Burgh is now terrified to return to her former favourite spot in case she's attacked again.

Burgh’s mother, Louise Kemp, from Barnstaple, said the family were enjoying a picnic on the beach on Friday evening. She said: “Seagulls are always hanging around trying to get at people’s food but I’ve never seen anything this vicious. We saw it standing on the beach and thought it was doing that usual seagull thing of standing around, hoping we’d throw it a few bits.

“We thought it would go away when it realised it wasn’t going to get anything.” But far from leaving the family in peace, the gull took to the sky and flew at the head of the unsuspecting child. “She let out an almighty scream,” said Louise. “There was blood everywhere, on my jeans and shirt, which traumatised Burgh even more. The seagull stood around as if it was mocking us, hoping to get the rest of the sausage.“

“There was a lot of blood on Burgh’s bottom lip, even though it wasn’t a deep cut.” Louise packed up the picnic and took Burgh to hospital, where her injury was found not to be serious. “Luckily that area heals quickly but it could have been much worse,” said Louise. “What if it had been her eye? “She said she didn’t want to go back to Woolacombe but we’ll get over it and try to avoid turning it into a major issue.”


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