Friday, April 22, 2016

Man accused of stalking ex-girlfriend and humping stop sign

A Florida man is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend and humping a stop sign in front of her home, police say.

David Smith, 58, of St. Petersburg, is facing stalking charges. According to police, on the nights of April 10-13 Smith walked on foot to the victim's home and dumped trash before walking off.

Police say on the night of April 13 an officer witnessed Smith dumping the trash. The incident were also recorded on camera at the victim's residence, an arrest affidavit states.

Police say earlier in the day a witness saw Davis start humping a stop sign in front of the woman's home while pointing at the woman's home and laughing.

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DeSelby said...

First it was a placard in the back seat of the car, then there was the billboard under the bed and now ........... this. She should have known, the signs were there all along.