Friday, August 04, 2006

Square melons on the way

For those who struggle to man-handle a melon, help is at hand.

For Tesco has developed a new square version which can be sliced like a loaf of bread.

The supermarket says many people are put off the refreshing and healthy fruit because it rolls around in the fridge, or it is difficult to slice and eat.

Now, they have adopted growing techniques, which originated in Japan, to offer the square versions.

There is no weird science or genetic modification involved in the process.

Rather, wooden boxes with clear sides are placed around the growing fruit which naturally swells to fill the surrounding shape.

Square melons are already available in Japan where they are sold for about 10,000 yen or roughly a sky high £46, appealing only to the very rich as show piece food.

Added Tesco’s Damien Sutherland: 'That’s absolutely extortionate and although extra work goes into growing these that vastly inflated price cannot be justified. Our ones will cost less than a fiver.'

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