Sunday, August 06, 2006

Virus program incurs church wrath

Vicars in the UK are up in arms after parts of a program they use to organise church services were branded spyware.

Many users of the Visual Liturgy software rendered the program useless after deleting a file wrongly identified as spyware.

The creators of Visual Liturgy criticised anti-virus firm Symantec for the time it took to fix the bug.

The row between Symantec and Church House Publishing, the creator of Visual Liturgy, blew up on 8 July following an update to the Norton anti-virus software.

The update identified a file called vlutils.dll as being part of a keylogging program called SniperSpy. In fact the file was an integral part of Visual Liturgy. Many people who reacted to the warning by deleting the files crippled the program.

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