Tuesday, November 21, 2006

*Waves to Jeff Le Taxi*

I've never met Jeff, but we support the same football team and until a couple of days ago frequented the same forum. The said forum then mysteriously closed down amid much salacious rumour.

I'd like to publically thank Mr Le Taxi here for providing me with the all sordid details. I knew he read this page, but I'm not sure he was convinced I was who I said I was when I contacted him yesterday.

These handsome young men are the latest additions to the Le Taxi brood, incidentally.

The Le Taxi twins

You wouldn't want to mess with this pair when they grow up, would you? Heh heh!

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I can't share the full horror of the information Jeff sent me. Suffice to say it made for uncomfortable reading.

And it was saucy stuff too.

Thanks again Jeff!

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