Sunday, April 01, 2007

Council inspectors to demand £5 'carbon offset' for barbecues

It is one of the timeless rituals of the new globally-warmed great British summer: firing up the barbecue and slinging on a steak.

But people who choose to burn charcoal may have to think twice - as councils now have swinging new powers to force homeowners to buy 'carbon offsets' before they light up or face a £50 fine.

Barbecue inspector

The measures, which have been approved by the Climate Change Unit of the Department of Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs, are likely to severely curtail the number of barbecues Britons enjoy this summer.

Councils will approve barbecues only if the householder has bought a so-called carbon offset.

These should cost no more than £5 each and will allow sufficient barbecuing - as long as the cook is proficient - to create 20 steaks, or 40 if you like them rare.

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