Monday, June 04, 2007

Rare 1 in 50 million two-toned lobster caught

Lobsterman Jim Mataronas IV woke up Monday morning hoping for a lucky day on the water, but all the luck materialized in a single lobster. Jim described the day's catch off Newport, R.I., as average, save for one lobster so unique the chances of his catching it were one in 50 million.

Two-toned lobster

"I pulled it out and thought someone was playing a joke on us. It looked like someone took a ruler right down it," the Little Compton resident said. "It looks half-cooked". Mataronas, the son of veteran lobster trapper Jim Mataronas III of the family-owned Sakonnet Lobster Co., said the closest thing he had seen to something this rare was the popular blue lobster, a less-rare occurance but still nothing to take lightly. The chances of catching a blue lobster are still one in two million.

The lobster caught is a specimen with half its body being of normal, mottled brown colour. The other half is a bright red, a result of a genetic condition.

Normally, the family would keep the rarer lobsters on display to the delight of walk-in customers. However, in this special circumstance, Jim Mataronas III said, "We'll give it to a good home." He mentioned Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut and Boston's New England Aquarium.

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