Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meet the David Bowies of the dog world

Hounds Ziggy and Stardust have one eye on pup stardom thanks to an unusual resemblance to rock legend David Bowie.

The six-week-old Border Collies were born with a rare eye condition that has left each with one blue and one green eye – an anomaly shared by the chart-topper.

Ziggy and Stardust

Owner Beverley George noticed the pups' peculiar peepers when they first opened their eyes.

'I just thought it was a strange quirk that would right itself in time, but it seems both puppies will have this condition for life,' said Ms George, 42, from Hassocks, West Sussex.

David Bowie

'Now they have become something of celebrities themselves with all the attention they get.'

Bowie's differing eyes, a condition known as heterochromia, were caused when he was punched by a classmate at school.

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