Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kettle switched on - and streetlight goes off

A pensioner's kettle has been brewing up trouble for a streetlight outside her Northampton home.

Every time Sally Barnet turns her kettle on, the lamp outside the kitchen window of her home in Trussell Road goes out.

The 73-year-old first noticed the bizarre turn of events about a month ago, when she started to make her morning brew.

She said: "I get up about 6am to make a cup of tea and when I switch the kettle on, the light goes out. Then a few seconds later it comes back on. I've noticed it for the past month but before that, the early mornings were light so I couldn't notice it."

The Great Billing resident said the peculiar problem affected only the one streetlight: "Everything's fine in the kitchen, it's just the one streetlight outside the kitchen window."

There's a news video demonstrating this strange phenomenon on this page.

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