Monday, December 17, 2007

Horse rescued from icy well

Emergency crews spend hours in near freezing temperatures trying to rescue a horse trapped in a well. Three Boone County teens spotted the distressed horse fighting to keep his head above water.

Struggling in frigid temperatures a horse named Beau floated in an old spring well for about four hours on Friday. His owner, Linda Smiley, watched helplessly as rescue workers tried to pull the four-year-old horse from the icy water.

After hours of waiting, a crane finally hoisted Beau to safety, but he's bloodied and seriously wounded - still his owners think he'll be okay.

Beau's worst wounds are on his legs - he has serious tendon damage. He'll stay at the Carmargo Hunt Club in Burlington where vets will care for him.

You can see a longer video with commentary here.

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