Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fire family saved by trampoline

A mother and her two children were saved from their burning house in Norfolk thanks to a quick-thinking neighbour and a trampoline.

Fire crews were called to the house in King's Lynn in the early hours to find a fire on the ground floor and the woman and children trapped upstairs.

The children were thrown to neighbour Stephen Kirk who then put a trampoline under a window to save the mother.

Mr Kirk, of King's Green, Fairstead, said he first knew of the fire when his next-door-neighbour knocked on his door at 0300 GMT. "I just ran round the back and heard his missus shouting for help, so we just ripped the fence down to get in and made her chuck the kids out of the window to me.

"We couldn't get his missus out, so we had to rip down the other fence to get the trampoline from next door and to get her to jump on the trampoline. I literally had to swear at her and shout at her to get her out of the window because that was the only way out. She'd have never got out any other way."

The fire service said the neighbour's actions saved the family's lives.

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