Monday, June 02, 2008

Elvis the parrot threatened with an Asbo

He is not even human but Elvis ruffles so many feathers he is being threatened with an Asbo. Elvis the parrot has been accused of dive-bombing people and wrecking street lights when owner Edward Pikul lets him out.

'He is a lovely pet and would never harm anybody. If I had to imprison him in his cage, I would rather get rid of him,' said 49-year-old Mr Pikul. 'It's true Elvis has a mischievous streak, he knows a few swear words and his shriek is quite loud but he's an ­abs­olute joy to have.'

But one resident complained: 'The bird is a nuisance. Just because he likes the parrot doesn't mean he should terrorise the whole village with it.'

Since Mr Pikul got Elvis seven years ago, the macaw has become a regular sight in Wilsden, West Yorkshire.

The businessman added: 'Elvis is just a mad old thing, he follows me when I go to work. He clings on to the van roof and holds on for dear life, then flies around until he feels like coming home.'

Mr Pikul has received letters from the council after residents called for his bird to be given an Asbo. But supporters have e-mailed him and his daughter, Melissa, 18, calling for Elvis to remain free. 'He is gorgeous and to see him flying around is magnificent,' said Helen Smith, anti-social behaviour officer for Bradford Council. 'But he has a dark side.'

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