Thursday, July 03, 2008

Speeders to pay for police chases

Soaring fuel prices have forced one police force in the US to increase fines for offending motorists.

From 1 July, motorists caught in Holly Springs, Georgia, will have to pay an extra $12 (£6) to cover the costs of police chasing them down.

The town's police chief says the "fuel surcharge" will generate up to $26,000 (£13,000) in revenue per year.

Holly Springs' city council approved the $12 surcharge in all fines for those who commit moving violations.

It said the plan was aimed at offsetting fuel prices that had already eaten up almost 60% of the police department's fuel budget for 2008.

The town's police chief, Ken Ball, said the measure would help him to keep up patrols. "I was hearing that Delta (Air Lines), pizza deliverers, florists were adding fuel charges to their services, and I thought, why not police departments?" Mr Bal, said.

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