Saturday, August 16, 2008

Penguin receives knighthood

He wore an impeccable black and white coat, and his right sleeve was adorned with medals.

Colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian army Nils Olav stood to attention as he received a knighthood this morning in front of 30 members of the Norwegian guard at Edinburgh zoo.

Waddling out to receive the honour, his belly full of blue whiting fish, and standing at around 2 feet 8 inches high, he must have been the shortest knight in history.

There was much fanfare: music, speeches and even a special message from King Harald V as the Norwegian guardsmen, who are in Edinburgh preparing to perform at the city's military tattoo, looked on.

Darren McGarry, animal collection manager at the zoo, said: "Nils always recognises the Norwegian guardsmen when they come to visit him.

"He loves the attention he receives at the ceremony and takes his time inspecting the troops. We're all very excited about his new promotion."

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