Thursday, October 30, 2008

80-year-old baby remains stolen from cemetery

Days before Halloween, police in Wisconsin are investigating a real-life ghoulish crime. Someone dug up the remains of baby buried in a cemetery for more than 80 years.

Investigators say it happened late onSunday or early Monday morning at the Pioneers Rest Cemetery near Canton, Wis.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said someone dug a hole, measured about 20 inches wide, 54 inches long and 48 inches deep, where "Baby Locke" was laid to rest in 1925. They tore the wooden casket apart and took the body.

"We all have questions on why this happened and hopefully it turns out to be some sort of a prank or somebody who thinks this is funny," Fitzgerald said.

He planned to consult with the state crime lab on what investigators should look for at the site. They already had dug deeper than the parts of the casket and found no human remains, he said.

The size and rectangular shape of the hole indicates the grave was the target of whoever dug it, he said.

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