Friday, October 03, 2008

Pensioner band The Zimmers release new album

Pensioner band The Zimmers have continued their love affair with rock and roll by recording an album.

The band shot to fame in May last year after they were brought together for a BBC documentary about pensioners' rights.

The programme followed the band, which included 100-year-old Winifred Warburton and Peter Oakley, as they recorded a version of The Who's hit My Generation.

Old and Wise

Now they are set to release the 13-track Lust For Life album, taken from the David Bowie and Iggy Pop song of the same name. The album will be released on Monday on the Shameless record label and part of the profits will be donated to charities which support old people.

Peter Oakley, 81, has recorded the lead vocal on a version of the Alan Parsons Project record Old and Wise for the album.

Copies of the new CD have already been ordered as far afield as Japan and Poland, and the album was released in Germany earlier this month.

The Zimmers website.

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