Monday, January 19, 2009

Burglars kill pensioner's budgie

Burglars have snapped the neck of an elderly woman's budgie in front of her after she refused to hand over money.

South Wales Police said the 78-year-old woman was also threatened with her own walking stick, pushed into a chair and then locked in her house.

The two robbers, who escaped with £150, had broken in while the woman was watching TV in the lounge of her home in Cathays, Cardiff.

The burglars demanded £100 but she refused. She said she had no such money in her house but she was threatened before the men searched her house and stole £150.

Before leaving the house in Whitchurch Road on Friday evening, one of the men killed her pet budgie by snapping its neck in front of her.

Det Sgt Stuart Wales, of Cathays CID, said: "This was a despicable crime on an elderly lady who is in poor health, where we believe these men have targeted her because of her age and because she lives on her own. The victim is deeply upset because not only has she been the victim of a crime, she has also lost her pet budgie, her soulmate, in a brutal and disturbing manner."

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