Sunday, March 15, 2009

Liquid eggs for people too lazy to crack

It's just about the easiest thing you can do in a kitchen, but now preparing an egg has been made even simpler.

Farmers have come up with a new product aimed at home chefs who are too lazy to crack – liquid eggs.

Cartons of Egg In An Instant contain 10 whole eggs per half litre, and will be available in both free-range and non free-range versions.

Elwyn Griffiths from Oaklands Farm Eggs, the company behind the product, said that he expected it to be popular with shoppers who are "massively lazy, massively into convenience." He said: "We want to make it easier for people to eat in."

The pasteurised egg liquid can last 21 days unopened, and three more days in the fridge after use.

It will be launched at the International Food and Drink Event at London's ExCeL centre next week, and the producers hope supermarkets will soon stock the cartons in their chiller cabinets alongside fresh milk.

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