Monday, April 27, 2009

Man lives in same house for 100 years

Alfonso De Marco has lived in the same house for 100 years after arriving in England from Italy as a seven year-old.

Mr De Marco was born near the southern Italian city of Cassino in 1902 before moving to Eastbourne to join his father Guiseppe who had relocated to East Sussex in 1885. They ran an ice cream parlour from the same seaside building Mr De Marco still calls home.

Upon turning 100 – and receiving a certificate from Pope John Paul II – Mr De Marco was offered the chance to live with one of his three daughters; Pierina Caira, 78, Elisa Fieldwick, 74, and Anita Dipilla, 62, but he turned them down.

The great-great grandfather said: "I love it here, it is my home. I could have moved somewhere else but I have never wanted to. My daughters have asked me to move in with them, but I am happy here.

"The street has changed a lot since I was a boy. I remember seeing horses pulling carts up and down this street, and smelling chestnuts being roasted.

"It is different now, it is much noisier, but I still love it – there are a lot of memories for me in this house. My daughters grew up here, and my father lived here, so I cannot imagine living anywhere else, or anywhere better."

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