Monday, May 04, 2009

Urban cowboy arrested for riding under the influence

The sight of the horse and rider in an Arvada, Colorado strip mall gathered a crowd of cell phone-wielding onlookers just as police arrived.

“It was the absolute funniest thing I’ve ever seen,“ said Amie Bergondo, an instructor at Dance Boulevard. “There was a horse pulled over in the parking lot.“

Officers came to the parking lot responding to a call of a cowboy who couldn’t stay in the saddle.

Brian Drone of Arvada was ticketed for riding an animal while under the influence, a Class B traffic violation resulting in a $25 fine.

Arvada Police Sgt. Jeff Monzingo says this drunk riding charge was the first he’d seen in his 15 years in law enforcement.

“This is kind of a tricky call,“ Monzingo said. “Unlike in a DUI where you can tow a car, we had to do something with the horse.“

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