Monday, May 25, 2009

Woman strips then assaults husband

Passersby in downtown Seneca got a first hand look, albeit an uncomfortable one, at domestic violence.

Sgt. Wesley Moore with the Seneca Police Department confirmed that officers had taken Teresa Pinion into custody on a criminal domestic violence charge after what they said was an inexplicable assault.

Officers responded to complaints of a female and a male fighting. Those reports also advised that the female subject was completely naked. “Someone flagged me down and told me they were over near Lindsay Road and the husband had his shirt off, and the woman didn’t have a stitch of clothes on,” Moore said.

The arrest warrant states the husband had scratches on his back. Interviews with both subjects led officers to believe Pinion was the primary aggressor.

“She tried telling us he had taken her clothes off,” Moore said, adding that further interviews determined she had actually disrobed.“We just really have no idea why,” Moore said.

Pinion was booked at Oconee County Detention Center on a charge of second offence criminal domestic violence.

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