Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Greek woman formally presses charges against Crete burns victim - Update

Marina Fanouraki, a Greek woman accused of setting fire to British holidaymaker Stuart Feltham after he allegedly groped her in a bar has formally pressed charges of sexual harassment against him.

Miss Fanouraki, 26, is charged with seriously wounding Mr Feltham, 20, following claims that she doused him in alcohol and set him alight in the Cretan resort of Malia.

Miss Fanouraki was due to go on trial on Monday, however the case was postponed after Mr Feltham's legal team requested more time to gather evidence.
However, her lawyer, Nikos Maniadakis, said that the brunette has now formally laid charges against Mr Feltham of attempted sexual assault, molestation and personal insults.

She claims that she only threw a sambuca drink over Mr Feltham after he drunkenly fondled her, and that he subsequently caught fire when he lit a cigarette.

Mr Maniadakis said: "We not only want Miss Fanouraki to be acquitted, but we also want the misbehaving British tourist to be punished. After all, Marina is the real victim of attack and humiliation and she is the one who needs to have her honour restored in society."

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