Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Zambia's president evicts peeing monkeys from State House

Zambia's president has taken revenge after a monkey urinated on him during a press conference, by evicting a group of some 200 primates from State House.

President Rupiah Banda has asked for the animals to be relocated to parkland outside the capital Lusaka.

About 61 monkeys have already been moved to the Munda Wanga Botanical Gardens land, an official said.

At the time, Mr Banda made light of the incident and suggested he would give the monkey to the opposition leader. He also suggested that the event might bring him good luck.

"The president recently requested to the Munda Wanga Botanic Trust to remove and relocate some of the monkeys, and so far 61 monkeys have been humanely captured and translocated to the gardens," said director Bill Thomas.

There are also many species of antelope and bird in the State House grounds.

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