Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Church spreads its message with tattoos

Church is probably the last place you'd think to get a tattoo, but a pastor in Mill Creek is getting his message out - one tattoo at a time.

A Sunday sermon at the Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek features something very unique. On stage with the pastor is a tattoo artist and a member of the congregation, Erica Armendariz, sits quietly as he adds another tattoo to her arm.

"The one you don't want to put on yourself is the '666' right?" the Rev. Dan Kellogg asks the church-goers.

This is one way Kellogg gets his message across to his followers. It's part of a six-week series called "Permanent Ink." Kellogg says the purpose is to find things in life that should be permanent and other things that should be removed.

Some churches considering tattooing a desecration of the body. But Kellogg disagrees with that.

"Even though it's a little edgy - and in fact some churches would say it's wrong to get a tattoo - we don't take that position at all," he says. "We actually believe that this represents something that we can apply, something popular in our culture, that we can apply some spiritual truth to."

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