Saturday, February 06, 2010

Jogger's 17-hour Christmas ordeal locked in public lavatory

Town hall chiefs have agreed to pay compensation to a jogger who was locked in a freezing public lavatory for 17 hours.

An attendant failed to check if there was anyone inside the building before locking the door.

The jogger, pictured in a CCTV image, was forced to wrap himself in a bin liner and spent the night of Christmas Eve underneath a hand dryer to keep warm.

A Southwark Council spokesman said the unnamed man had been running in Dulwich Park when he visited the loo. He was then trapped until 9.30am on Christmas Day when the lavatories were unlocked.

The man did not have a mobile phone to call for help and missed opening presents with his family. Council chiefs have now apologised to him.

The spokesman said: “We have offered this man compensation. I cannot go into any detail because we are in negotiations and no figure has been agreed.”

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