Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alligator handler mauled

A crowd at a US seafood festival watched on in horror at the weekend as a handler was mauled by one of his alligators.

New Port Richey police say Jeffrey Quattrocchi was performing with a gator at the Cotee River Seafood Festival.

Video shows him poking a stick in the direction of the eight-foot alligator’s mouth and grabbing its tail. At some point during the show, the alligator turned on him, biting his right arm.

Police said it was a severe attack, but that Mr Quattrocchi was expected to survive after undergoing surgery on Sunday night. The Florida Wildlife Commission captured the alligator and they say the animal will not be destroyed, but will likely be handed back over to Mr Quattrocchi once he gets better.


Foreigner1 said...

Oh wow, how fantastic and heroïc to nag some gator just for show and entertainment...

Yippee for the animal that it finally could give some payback for all that useless prodding and wrestling.
Senseless useless animal abuse and the guy finally got a taste of his own medicin.

Ratz said...

Well done alligator.  It may be sick, but I'm always gently pleased when a bull knocks the bejesus out of a toreador.

Peach said...

He's lucky that was a relatively small gator

cath said...

Peach, did you not listen to the video? It was a HIGHEST LEVEL alligator... ;)

I'm kiind of with the others... I hate these shows; I think they're cruel to the animals, and part of me is darkly pleased when the animal wins one.

That said, listening to this guy talk, I kind of like him. He's so nonchalant about his injuries, and he's so honest about the fact that this was his error. He's arrogant as all hell, but in a charismatic way.