Thursday, May 13, 2010

Screwdriver saves ball choke boy

A Swansea toddler has been saved from the brink of death after he swallowed a toy ball the size of a golf ball. Quick-thinking friend Shane Davies, 24, put his first aid training into practice by dislodging the ball from two-year-old Kian Miles's throat. Mr Davies, originally of Gors Fach in Dafen, Llanelli, who now lives in Heol Mabon, Port Talbot, was visiting his friend Amy Goddard on Saturday when Kian started choking.

The customer sales manager said: "Kian had stopped breathing. I thought I would either have to do something or I would be attending his funeral. I tried some back slaps, but within 30 seconds he had gone blue and was unconscious." He said Kian had swallowed an object, which turned out to be a ball from a toy set, which was below his Adam's apple. "I could just touch it with my finger. His jaw had locked so I used a screwdriver to prize his mouth open.

"I had a Stanley knife ready to cut open the windpipe. I managed to get the ball out and did mouth-to-mouth. He started breathing and I think I just had a delayed shock. I was told my actions saved Kian's life, which is difficult to comprehend and really emotional as I am close to him. I feel proud of myself, but I am still in shock."

Kian was taken to Morriston Hospital at around 2pm on Saturday, and was placed in the high dependency unit before going on to the children's ward. He was discharged on Monday.

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Good on him.