Saturday, July 03, 2010

Woman arrested while driving under the influence of vanilla extract

A Tennessee woman has been charged with DUI after getting baked on baking supplies. Sheriff's deputies suspect 48-year-old Kelly Moss drove drunk after drinking vanilla extract. Moss's car was spotted on Thursday morning outside Arlington Middle School.

The car was straddling both the sidewalk in front of the school and the driveway. Moss was slumped over the steering wheel. According to the arrest record, Moss's speech was slurred and her thoughts fragmented. The arresting officer spotted a partially empty bottle of vanilla extract in the front seat and smelled a strong odour of what appeared to be vanilla on Moss's breath.

David Marbry lives across the street from the school and believes extract should only be used for cooking. "Maybe a cake or something," said Marbry. He said he was relieved Moss's car did not end up in his yard where he usually sits, especially if she was indeed drinking. "Vanilla or anything," said Marbry.

A supermarket receipt found in Moss's car listed two eight ounce bottles of vanilla extract. This was her third DUI arrest.

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nauip said...

What an insanely expensive way to get toasted.