Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mother's shock at Poundland kids foul word game

A mother was disgusted to find an offensive swear word on a card in a game she bought for her three-year-old boy. Anna Royce got a children's "lucky bag" from a Poundland store for her son Jamie.

It clearly stated that the contents were suitable for tots of his age and over. But mother-of-three Anna, 32, was shocked to find inside a game called Doodlewonker - with one card featuring a monster called the "galloping wanker".

She said: "It was only after Jamie had played with it that I spotted what was written. I couldn't believe it. I was shocked, particularly because it says on the bag it is suitable for children aged three and over." Anna complained to Poundland's head office. But she said that when she returned a week later to her local store in Colchester, Essex, the bags were still on the shelves.

A spokesperson for the bargain-stores firm insisted: "All our products are inspected by our experienced quality assurance department to ensure they are fit for sale. We will, though, further investigate the card game in the lucky bag to ensure that it is suitable for its purpose."

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