Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Police pull over triple-decker truck

Police officers in China were stunned to spot a truck driver carrying another two trucks on top of each other. They pulled over the driver who told them he was trying to save fuel bills and motorway tolls.

Patrol officers on the Shi'an Highway acted after receiving calls from concerned motorists who had spotted the trucks. "We didn't know whether to believe the calls - we couldn't understand how one truck could carry two other trucks until we saw it," said Officer Shi Qiusheng.

Driver Chen admitted he had driven the three trucks nearly 600 miles from Hubei Province. He told police he had been ordered to drive the three brand new trucks to Beijing and decided to load them on top of each other to save money.

"I was worried that the top two trucks might topple over, so I didn't drive very fast," he said. Officers fined him the equivalent of £100 and towed the trucks to the nearby Xizhaotong service station so he could find two other drivers to help him take the trucks to Beijing.

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