Thursday, December 09, 2010

Cool shades help keep the peace

Farmers in China have been issuing their cockerels with cool John Lennon-style sunglasses to keep the peace. The experiment, in Chengdu, south west China, has a practical use. They were designed to help avoid fights breaking out between rival roosters at the free range farm, explained farm owners.

"Because they are allowed to roam around during the day in the open space, it's inevitable the cocks will start picking fights with each other, so we decided to make them all wear glasses," said breeder Jiang Hau.

"Our cocks are very aggressive by nature. They always fight with each other and cause bleeding and injuries. But giving them these plastic glasses to wear means they can't see each other so clearly so they are much quieter and much more peaceful," he added.

Now other farmers in the region are looking to see how the glasses work out and, if they are a success, say they will give all their cocks the new look too.

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