Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Man drives into canal with two naked women passengers

Dumbfounded Australian police were left shaking their heads when a car carrying three naked teenagers plunged into a Port Geographe canal, near Busselton, after an apparent lark backfired. The three teens - two girls and the 18-year-old male driver - managed to scramble out of the submerged vehicle about 10pm before a resident called police after hearing their distressed screams.

They told police they had been heading home to Donnybrook when they got lost and found themselves travelling down Hamelin Retreat towards the canal. But the driver did not stop at the dead-end and the car careered through a vacant section, down a retaining wall and into the water. ``When police got there they found three naked teenagers on the front verge of a house and later found their car about 20ft underwater in the canal nearby,'' Acting Senior Sergeant Stuart Gerreyn said.

``It seems they had been drinking and having a bit of a party on the beach when they decided to go skinny-dipping. Whether they thought it was a bit of a laugh to drive home naked or what, we don't know?'' The driver, an 18-year-old man from Yabberup, will be charged by summons with driving with a blood alcohol reading in excess of 0.08.

Sen-Sgt Gerreyn said the four officers who responded to the call were ``still scratching their heads about what was going on. It's one of those things that happens occasionally that makes you raise your eyebrows and wonder what amuses people and what people find funny," he said. ``But the bottom line is they could have quite easily have been trapped in the car and we could have been recovering three dead bodies.''


cath said...

I just had to share this story with you, and this is the only "drunken escapade" post of the day, so it goes here.

Have you ever, after a night of incautious drinking, awoken thinking, What happened? It feels like I got hit by a freight train?



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