Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Now Jeremy Paxman joins the BBC on-air C-bomb dropping club

A slip of the tongue by Newsnight anchorman Jeremy Paxman meant he became the latest BBC presenter to use a Naughtie word inadvertently.

Introducing an item on tax and spending, the veteran journalist added an unexpected consonant to the word 'cuts', suppressed a faint, astonished grin – and soldiered on with his script.

YouTube link.

"Supposing, though, some of the people who ought to be paying taxes so the c*nts, cuts aren't so bad aren't actually doing so," Paxman said.

Paxman's error was the third such mistake on the corporation's output within the past two months. In December, James Naughtie committed an identical mistake when he accidentally introduced the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, as Jeremy C*nt live on BBC Radio 4 – an error repeated later that day by Andrew Marr.

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