Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bull injures man at bullfight in Venezuela

A bull caused panic amongst the crowd at a festival in Merida, Venezuela, when it leapt from the bullring.

Amateur video captured the dramatic moment when the bull hurdled the inner fence during the event in eastern Venezuela.

YouTube link.

The audience screamed as the bull vaulted towards them, only for it to land in the corridor separating the spectator seats from the bullring.

The rampaging animal gored one worker at the arena before managing to find its own way back into the ring. The bullfight was part of events taking place at the annual cultural Sun Fair festival, held in the Andean city of Merida.


Brixter said...

Wahaha! Serves them right for watching a bull fight.

Ratz said...

Go bull!

Peach said...

Another senseless part of the culture -animal torture being used for amusement