Wednesday, April 06, 2011

If this were a parody it would be funny

But it's very real.

A confused member of the fascist, racist English Defence League, thinks Press TV have taken over his hometown of Oldham.

Then his companion explains how he'd love to see a mosque being built in Mecca.

YouTube link.


E said...

press TV is an Iranian based network apparently

arbroath said...

Yes it is.

cath said...

That was amazing. The mass facepalm at the end was cathartic and perfect.

cath said...

(It's good to see these guys outed as the paranoid, stupid, anger-driven creeps they are).

kolymatram said...

as stupid as all radicals are

Anonymous said...

EDL - they're not the brightest bunch are they!? Someone has made a song from one of the EDL members tv interviews: