Monday, May 30, 2011

Bernoulli Effect causes dancing manhole cover

High winds in North Olmsted, Ohio, caused this 2 inch thick, 125lb manhole cover to dance around.

Direct link. YouTube link.

Aaron Kolibar captured the action and a news crew was quickly at the scene.

YouTube link.


Anonymous said...

It's not Bernoulli Effect, it's just that there was air blowing up from under the cover, (trying to get out).

Mark said...

Yeah, I thought that too, Anonymous. The grass doesn't move until the cover pops up, and when it does, it gets splayed out in a direction starting from inside the manhole cover. Also, I'm not convinced it was windy enough for a Bernoulli effect.

Oh, and is this really newsworthy? Can't quite imagine this appearing on my local tv news over here unless it was a really really slow news day!

Anonymous said...

Possibly as the stormwater system is being rapidly filled and water displaces the air, air pressure builds up within sewers to a point in which it will displace those 120-lbs covers.