Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eagle inadvertently swoops poodle away to a better life

She's a toy poodle, named May by SPCA staff because earlier this month she fell out of the sky and landed in the grounds of Sechelt's Shorncliffe Nursing Home. How she came to be flying over the Canadian nursing home is explained by the deep talon marks in her back and sides, showing she was probably the unwilling passenger of a hungry eagle that had picked her up but eventually found her 18 pounds too much to hold on to.

May, her ribs broken, her body lacerated, was found by nursing staff on May 2 and delivered to the Sunshine Coast SPCA. The fall injured her, says BC SPCA official Lorie Chortyk, but the whole unnerving ordeal likely saved her life.

She carried no identification and her generally poor condition indicated she had been wandering without care for some time before attracting the eagle's attention. "Ironically, if it hadn't been for this we might never have found her," said Chortyk. "She's been a stray. There's been severe neglect, and who knows how long she's been out there," said Chortyk.

May was taken to the appropriately named Eagleridge Veterinary Hospital for treatment to her immediate injuries and is now recovering. "May's survived so much, the least we can do is find her a good home. If anyone deserves a happy ending it's her," said Chortyk.

There's a news video here.


L said...

There seem to be lots of eagles all over southwestern B.C. Just drive down the highway and you can see their nests in the high-tension power lines!

It's worrisome for owners of small dogs, that's for sure. May is, ultimately, lucky; she can now find a good home.

Anonymous said...

If she weighs 18 pounds, she is not a toy poodle.

Anonymous said...

Now the poor eagle will go hungry!

cookie said...

That hungry comment is really sick!