Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Judge sentences couple to stand in paddling pool wearing life jackets

Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Ciccconetti has a reputation for handing out unique sentences. His latest was no exception. On Thursday, Cicconetti sentenced Grace Nash, 20, of Thompson, and Bruce Crawford, 22, of Chardon, for misconduct during an emergency.

Police said the two were on a raft in the Grand River without life jackets during severe flood conditions. Witnesses called police after seeing the duo get washed away in the current. Rescue crews were called and started searching the area.

But Nash and Crawford had managed to get safely out of the river. When rescue crews found them, the report says, they lied about being swept away. So search crews continued to look for hours. It was eventually determined that they were safe and authorities were notified to call off the search.

Cicconetti gave the couple two options: go to jail or face a public and embarassing punishment. They chose the latter. On Saturday Nash and Crawford stood in a paddling pool for two hours, wearing life jackets, handing out water safety literature.


Ratz said...

Whatever happened to that American thing of "Cruel or unusual punishment?" Or is that a myth just like the rest of the US judicial system these days?

Anonymous said...

it wasn't like they were promoting a cure for cancer, selling raw milk, or selling bunny rabbits...Pfff!

Anonymous said...

I believe the "unusual" in "cruel and unusual punishment" is relative to the crime that was committed. In this case, the punishment was especially appropriate.