Friday, June 24, 2011

6-year-old set to become Australia's fifth qualified Little Ninja

Kaleb Battle-Bridges, 6, can throw a mean foam ninja star. Kaleb, from Cairns, will become Australia’s fifth qualified Little Ninja, when he receives his junior-level black belt in ninjitsu.

The St Therese’s year 1 student has been training five days a week for the past two years to reach the achievement. Ninjitsu combines the aspects of several martial arts into the one discipline.

It includes grappling, throwing, rolling, kicking, punching, meditation and weapons training. Little ninjas are trained to throw foam ninja stars, and fight with lightweight aluminium swords.

Kaleb said he especially enjoyed the weapons part of his ninja training. His sensei Ron Day, who is one of the highest ranked instructors in Australia, said he was impressed with the young ninja’s progress and his sense of discipline.

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