Thursday, June 09, 2011

Chinese scientists modify cows to produce human breast milk

Chinese scientists have genetically modified dairy cows to produce human breast milk, and hope to be selling it in supermarkets within three years.

The milk produced by the transgenic cows is identical to the human variety and has the same immune-boosting and antibacterial qualities as breast milk, scientists at China's Agricultural University in Beijing say.

The transgenic herd of 300 was bred by inserting human genes into cloned cow embryos which were then implanted into surrogate cows. The milk is still undergoing safety tests but with government permission it will be sold to consumers as a more nutritious dairy drink than cow's milk.

YouTube link. Original video.

Workers at the university's dairy farm have already tasted the milk, and say it is sweeter and stronger than the usual bovine variety. "It's good," said worker Jiang Yao. "It's better for you because it's genetically modified."


SteveC said...

I read that people have been using donkey milk for ages for babies.

""Hôpital des Enfants Assistés" for many years kept a troop of donkeys; babies suckled directly from the donkeys' teats."

With my donkeys, this is something I don't think I'd try unless I wanted to be booted to the moon.

arbroath said...

Yes, I imagine suckling directly from a donkeys' teats isn't the safest thing to do.

Taylor Bara said...

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