Thursday, June 09, 2011

Elephant rampage causes terror in Indian city

Two wild elephants have killed a man after rampaging through the streets of the southern Indian city of Mysore, in the state of Karnataka.

One of the elephants charged into a cow and smashed a car before goring and trampling a security guard to death.

Local people managed to trap one of the animals inside a farm and tranquilize the other.

Contains graphic content.

LiveLeak link.

Several people were injured by the stampeding animals, which locals said were provoked into a frenzy by terrified townspeople throwing stones at the animal.


kolymatram said...

poor animals
we people take over their living spaces, & if they react ? yup, kill'em

Anonymous said...

Yeah, humans have little respect for our fellow earthlings. I am trying to change person at a time. Please help.... no, dont send me money, just try and educate someone who does not treat animals with respect.